Interrupt Storm Dell PowerEdge 1850

John Straiton jks at
Fri Aug 26 19:25:50 GMT 2005


I am attempting to install 5.4R on a brand new Dell PowerEdge 1850  
machine. The installation goes perfectly however after the reboot, I  
am unable to log into the machine (or in this case, create the  
entropy salt)

I have noticed 2 quirky behaviors with this machine.
1)  I get to just about the "local package" time of boot when I start  
Interrupt storm detected on "irq18: uhci"; throttling interrupt source

While not a solution, I got this to go away by disabling the USB  
ports on the system in the BIOS. I only mention it because it's the  
only other "new" behaviour I'm seeing on this machine versus the  
other boxes I maintain.

2) The keyboard works until the devd detects a PS2 keyboard and  
installs the device for it.
As in, I can pick which way I'd like to boot FreeBSD from the menu  
and can hit keys during the probing but as soon as I see the message  
that it's set up the keyboard, bam..nonresponsive.

As a test, I installed 4.11R on the machine tonight and it works  
flawlessly. The only problem is that the machine this was intending  
to replace is already running 5.2+ so I'll need to get this one into  
the 5.X arena somehow.


John Straiton
j k s

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