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Gary Kline kline at
Fri Aug 26 19:18:16 GMT 2005

On Fri, Aug 26, 2005 at 01:33:33PM -0400, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
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> Gary Kline wrote:
> | 	To the Gnome-savvy out there,
> |
> | 	About a week ago I had reason to reboot this server.  I
> | 	had set the gdm_enable variable to ="YES" and when things
> | 	came up again, *voila*, I logged into my gdk account anf
> | 	Gnome churned up!!  I logged out, then tried to login to
> | 	kline.  My std login still uses ctwm.  For some reason
> | 	gdm kicked me off; could the default except to see
> | 	"exec gnome_session"? and if not, the user is out of luck?
> | 	Did I miss some setting on gdm?
> GDM works on sessions.  You would need to create a ctwm session.  See
> for more details.  And
> yes, GDM should work with ctwm.

	Thanks much.  I'll turn gdm on and maybe kde will also work.
	BTW, it'll be interesting to see if this works in my Ubuntu
	system where I have a short, sweet ctwm login underway.


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