wine error

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Fri Aug 26 16:53:18 GMT 2005

Zorro Super Hero wrote:

>i get the "wine" from "" i go to "Freebsd" and i get the
>version..."Wine-20050725.tar.gz" i do "tar -zxvf " .
>the next thing i do "./configure " and everything was good.
>nex i do "make depend" and it was good to. (with no error).
>now i do "make". and its run for a long time then i get an error......
Why don't you try installing from the port "cd 
/usr/ports/emulators/wine; make install clean" or "portupgrade -iNR 
emulators/wine".  The port has 4 patches and a startup script.  Why try 
to re-invent the wheel?


PS I've never run wine, but if it works at all it will work from the port.

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