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Joe Auty joe at
Fri Aug 26 16:38:02 GMT 2005

At one point I tried very hard to get Wine to work under FreeBSD, but  
it was very frustrating because Wine is pre-beta software right now  
designed for Linux. It is hard enough to get it to work under Linux!

My suggestion would be to install and setup VMWare 3 on FreeBSD, this  
works quite well. Either that, or wait for a FreeBSD port of  
Crossover Office.

Hint: you'll need to Google for the file the vmware3 port looks for  
in /usr/ports/distfiles =)

On Aug 26, 2005, at 11:33 AM, Zorro Super Hero wrote:

> hi
> i don't know if its the mail that i need to use for my question.
> i just don't know who do i need to ask.
> i have a Freebsd 5.4 and i install KDE & Gnome on it.
> i use Gnome all the time.
> i have P-III 450 with 128mb Ram. and i going to bay mor 256mb Ram son.
> i try to install "wine" to run ms office (its the only office that
> suport hebrew)
> we use to mach windows in my job place :-( and i wont to move up to
> Freebsd. and we need to use ms office.
> i get the "wine" from "" i go to "Freebsd" and i get the
> version..."Wine-20050725.tar.gz" i do "tar -zxvf " .
> the next thing i do "./configure " and everything was good.
> nex i do "make depend" and it was good to. (with no error).
> now i do "make". and its run for a long time then i get an error......
> "updown.c: In function `UPDOWN_DoAction':
> updown.c:619: error: structure has no member named `MaxRal'
> updown.c: In function `UpDownWindowProc':
> updown.c:817: error: structure has no member named `MaxRal'
> updown.c:1007: error: structure has no member named `MaxRal'
> updown.c:1021: error: structure has no member named `MaxRal'
> updown.c:1023: error: structure has no member named `MaxRal'
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/home/emanuel/Wine-20050725/wine-20050725/dlls/comctl32.
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/home/emanuel/Wine-20050725/wine-20050725/dlls.
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/home/emanuel/Wine-20050725/wine-20050725. "
> i use "sudo" to do it, and i try to do it one more time as root, i  
> do "su".
> i try to find help in or but ...  
> nothing :-(.
> i hope some one can help me or tall me where can i find a good help.
> i try to give all the ditel's abut my pc and all the command that i  
> do.
> my name is emanuel and i am from israel.
> and we wish that one day Freebsd come with Hebrew enable like mandrake
> and redhat.
> we just love Freebsd more!
> Thank you.
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