Problem with Epia 800 and Freebsd 5.3

Lord Raiden me at
Fri Aug 26 14:30:22 GMT 2005

Just installed 5.3 onto an Epia 800 just a few weeks back and aside from 
the controlers being bloody picky as hell (got that fixed by using special 
cables), the stupid lan card is now giving me fits just a day after I put 
it into active service.  Here's the error I'm getting in my logs repeatedly.

 > vr0: rx packet lost
 > vr0: watchdog timeout

I rebooted it to clear the error and see if anything else showed up, and so 
far no errors since reboot.  But I suspect that the errors will come back 
in short order.  Anyone got any idea what's up with the box and what I 
might do to fix this?  I checked the cable already like what was suggested 
in another forum post on another site that I googled, but I can't find 
anything else that stands out as being something that might be the cause of 
this issue.  And yes, this board seems very picky under BSD, but it tested 
fine when I loaded windowsxp onto it when I was first testing it.  Go 
figure.  Any ideas?

Steven Lake
Raiden's Realm

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