cvsup for sourceforge & other similar sites.

C. Michailidis dinom at
Fri Aug 26 04:39:21 GMT 2005

> I am wanting to  cvs automatically - but I seem to fail to get into 
> sourceforge (either command line or using cron) -- by using cvsup on the 
> ports tree I have become lazy and confused by the cvs manual!! (I do wish 
> freebsd manuals had more detailed examples!!). I used to do this stuff 
> regularly (longer ago than I care to admit) - but it takes time to get back 
> into it!
> Here are a few of of my tries (as root):
> dns1# cvs -f -d :pserver:anonymous at login

Using command-line cvs is sooooo 1990's LOL.  The funny thing is, you're trying to checkout/update a project designed for Eclipse, but you haven't considered using Eclipse itself?!??!  The cvs integration that the Eclipse IDE provides is pretty darn good (IMHO).

I admin a project on sourceforge (shameless plug---> ) and I usually just use the CVS repository browsing perpective provided within the Eclipse ide to connect directly to sourceforge.  Try it out... or /usr/ports/java/eclipse.

BTW, I've been having problems running Eclipse 3.1 from ports so I haven't bothered upgrading (still using Eclipse 3.0).  If anyone can shed some light on this or is having the same problem I'd love to hear from ya.


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