pppoed using mpd - dirrect connect between LAN clients

Ovidiu Ene ovidiue at unixware.ro
Thu Aug 25 19:22:08 GMT 2005

Yes, i'll try:

 |          ROUTER     |       (also pppoe server using mpd)
    LAN     |
               |       |          |                      |
        user1     user2                        user n

ROUTER is a FreeBSD Box

user 1 ... user n are windows stations connected to pppoe server (win 
98, windows 2000 or win xp)

On the router is installed a dc++ server.
Users .... 1... to n are connected to dc++ server, they download files 
from each other.
The problem is that traffic from user 1 to user 2 , or between any user 
is going via  LAN nic.

If i do not use pppoe server and assign user1 .... user2 fixed ips then 
the traffic in lan is direct from a user to another. The traffic on LAN 
nic is not high.
So, pppoe will help in a easyer configuration of a client but traffic in 
lan is via LAN nic which is bad... if are many computers it slows down alot.

If user 1 download from user 2 a 700 mb iso it will take only 1 minute 
for a 100 mbps lan, but if pppoe is setup and many users download from 
each others the traffic lows down a lot... i had experience with 300 
kbytes/s instead of 8 mbytes/s.


Lowell Gilbert wrote:

>Ovidiu Ene <ovidiue at unixware.ro> writes:
>>Hello guys
>>I've setup a pppoe server using mpd and i've activated proxy arp in pppoed.
>>The problem is that all traffic between LAN users is going via pppoed NIC.
>>I do not want that, i want that LAN users to have traffic direct, like
>>using fixed IPs.
>>it is possible? how?
>Can you draw a picture of the configuration?
>I don't follow your description, and others may be having the same problem.

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