3ware 8506-4LP not working after os upgrade

Christiaan von Geldern info at taxihosting.com
Thu Aug 25 17:43:09 GMT 2005

It isn't specified, like a lot of common raid controllers. But does it need
to? It was supported correctly in 4.9 so why should that support disappear
in 5.3? What was changed in twe it doesn't work anymore in 5.3. As
mentioned, another model 3ware controller still works properly after the
upgrade with the twe driver. And then there's still the question why it does
work in safe mode...


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> I'm having problems upgrading FreeBSD from 4.9 to 5.3. The 
> raid controller
> did work flawless with the fresh 4.9 install. When booting 
> from the 5.3 mini
> install iso the system hangs when the next step is mounting 
> the UFS root.
> Safe mode boots without a problem. After upgrading to 5.3, 
> the system hangs
> at the same point freezes the system so even a reset doesn't 
> help (need to
> hard power down holding power button). I really need to power 
> down and even
> after that loading the kernel sometimes freezes. Again, 
> booting in safe mode
> is no problem at all. When booting the system loads the twe 
> driver and seems
> to recognize the 4 port raid controller. Loading the old 4.9 
> kernel again
> doesn't have the problem. Nothing is in the logs, probably because the
> driver freezes before it can write anything at all.
> I've seen some little topics about similar problems, but the 
> symptoms and
> hardware aren't totally equal. Besides, I can't find what solved their
> problems (besides downgrading or changing hardware). I even 
> don't have the
> resources to do that. My FreeBSD knowledge is not that really 
> big, but I do
> know the basics.
> The system is a Supermicro case w/ P4SCT motherboard, 3ware 
> 8506-4LP raid
> controller and 4x Maxtor DiamondMax 9 160GB SATA drive (3x 
> raid5, 1x hot
> spare).

It looks like your controller is supported by the twe(4) driver.

Use man ata to check if the ata(4) driver supports it.


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