Pine alternative?

Svein Halvor Halvorsen svein-freebsd-questions at
Thu Aug 25 15:51:34 GMT 2005

* Sean Murphy [2005-08-25 08:47 -0700]
>  We have been using pine for years on our Sun Solaris box.  We are in the
>  process of moving to FreeBSD.  I installed Pine from an updated ports
>  collection and received a message about pine not being very secure.  Is
>  anyone using an alternative to pine that can also read pine's folders and
>  addresses?  I need it to be compatible as we still have many users with lots
>  of data in pine.

I guess mutt would do. But be aware that the notice is warning you about 
Pine's previous security history. All known security holes are fixed, and 
if you plan on keeping your system up-to-date (by e.g keeping track of 
portaudit etc), you should be alright.

Svein Halvor

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