Recommended (dual headed) gfx Card

martin at martin at
Thu Aug 25 14:59:55 GMT 2005


  Am looking to get a new gfx card for my FreebSD Desktop, and wondering
if anyone has any recommendations of whats good/bad in relation to
working with FreeBSD. Currently I am using the dual head build in gfx
card on my nvidia nforce2 mobo (2 monitors attached), which does the job
fine, but it is a little sluggish at times and when I tried turned on
transparancy in xorg/kde it got really slow.

  Am not looking for anything too extreme, just something that will handle
the eye candy from kde without breaking into a sweat, and dual headed
for the two monitors. I found setting up dual displays with the nvidia
driver pretty easy, so without a good reason to do otherwise, I would
stay with them. Only other critieria is my system is mini case (X
factor/form or whatever you want to call it) so I would be concerned
about heat, although this may just be my parania.


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