Doubt when installing bootsector

Marcello Maggioni marcello.maggioni at
Thu Aug 25 13:53:08 GMT 2005

Hi all, I have a doubt.

I've installed FreeBSD 5.4 and now I need to reinstall my bootsector
in the MBR .

I've partitioned the disk initially with sysinstall that on my first
disk complained about wrong geometry settings. From what I understood
by reading the source code ,sysinstall complains about every geometry
setting that gets over 65535 as number of cylinders and FreeBSD
initially at boot time found this geometry for my 60GiB disk :
116336/16/63. Then sysinstall changed it to 7299/255/63.

Now that I have to reinstall the boot sector I'd like to do that with
the FDISK utility , but the FDISK utility sees the first CHS geometry
, the one that FreeBSD sees at boot time (116336/16/63) , from the
moment that I have partitioned all the system with sysinstall is safe
to install the boot sector from fdisk that sees a different BIOS
geometry than sysinstall? (and why sysinstall and FreeBSD see 2
different geometries?)

Thanks for the answer



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