Booting FreeBSD over network or serial links?

Glenn Dawson glenn at
Thu Aug 25 05:53:31 GMT 2005

At 05:54 PM 8/24/2005, Sarath Kamisetty wrote:
>I have two PCs, one with linux installed and another one is a old PC.
>I would like use my linux pc to make modifications to freebsd code
>base and then test it on my old PC. After compiling freebsd image on
>my linux pc, how do I boot this image on my old PC ? Is there a cost
>effective way of doing this without using floppies or CDs which is
>time consuming ? Can I run some special image on my old PC to let it
>fetch the newly compiled image everytime ?? Does anyone have this kind
>of setup ? Can I setup a console server for cheap and acheive this ?
>Please share your thoughts on this.

If you have an intel NIC which supports PXE, you can boot the machine 
from a kernel that's on another machine and shared by NFS or 
tftp.  Take a look at the man page for pxeboot(8), as well as the 
development(7) man page for some good info.


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