Corrupt entries in /var/log/messages?

Chris St Denis chris at
Thu Aug 25 03:55:56 GMT 2005

Occasionally I get entries like this in my log. It looks like more than one
process is logging at the same time. Shouldn't syslogd be
thread/SMP/concurrency safe from this kind of thing?

Aug 24 05:29:44 sakura kernel: <<66>>ppiidd  119942486 9( (hthttptdpd)),,
uiudi d 808:0 :e xeixtietde do no ns isginganla l 1111

In an unrelated note, I'm getting a few " *** POKED TIMER ***" messages in
the syslog from named, anyone know what this is? I found a few questions
about in the archive, but no answers (telling somebody to search the archive
isn't any good when that's the only answer found)

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