mime contents thru ipfw

vladone vladone at spaingsm.com
Wed Aug 24 19:39:47 GMT 2005

U are funny (sorry). Use Freebsd for firewall and microsoft for proxy?
If u want an easy solution with microsoft try Windows2003 server (that
have route and NAT options) and Sygate at firewall. Or any version of
Windows with winroute for nat/proxy. I recommend u oldies versions
like 4.x for winroute. (this work with little network, not production

My advice is to install squid on freebsd machine. Is easy, is included
in ports and can find tons of documentation. U dont need two computers
for that (gateway+proxy).

If i dont understand corect, please explain more clear what u want to
do! (including an scheme if u can). is not very clear what is your
gateway and where is your proxy.

With ipfw, not need to take off the computer from network. Make an
simple script and flush rules when u dont want ipfw.
For example

script example /etc/ipfw.sh:
cmd="ipfw -q"
pif=rl0 #public interface
lif=fxp0 #private interface

$cmd flush

$cmd add 100 allow ip from any to any in via $pif

u can run script with:
#sh ipfw.sh
and if want to flush rules
#ipfw flush

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