cvsup multiple RELENGs?

Richard Burakowski richard.burakowski at
Wed Aug 24 13:52:23 GMT 2005

Joel Hatton wrote:

>Situation - I have a machine that I use to build the base system for
>others. I'd like to be able to have multiple copies of /usr/src for
>different releases - in particular, RELENG_5_3 and RELENG_5_4. Rather than
>just changing my RELENG in the supfile and blowing away the tree each time
>I thought I could maintain multiple source trees.  One trivial way that
>came to mind would be to copy /usr/src to /usr/RELENG_5_3 and
>/usr/RELENG_5_4 and replace /usr/src with a symlink that points to the one
>I'm using at the time - I don't know if this makes perfect sense, it's
>just an idea :)
from my supfile

src-all   tag=RELENG_5_4 prefix=/usr/releases/RELENG_5_4

and you can repeat that line for each release you want to follow.  
wouldn't suprise me if
/usr/src isn't actually hardcoded into the build and it'll work with the 
src tree somewhere
else, though i've always soft linked from /usr/src.

otherwise, i'm not sure how wise it is to build different releases with 
a different base system
and different kernel. might want to take a look at /usr/src/release.

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