Routing problem?

Patrick Lindholm fin7pl at
Wed Aug 24 11:22:50 GMT 2005

Ok, here´s the deal

I have my Freebsd 4.10 gateway/nat/firewall on my network.

On my LAN i have couple WIN machines and a Linux Redhat machine  working ok 
to outside and other machine´s with IP   eth0

I have one software running on Redhat Machine that uses SLIP and i have 
configured sl0  with P-t-P

The is the IP of that Software

Ok  with these configurations i can connect from my Linuxbox locally to the 
software with

But the Does´nt appear to be available for other computers on 
my LAN

So i checked out some manuals and used command: ARP -Ds sl0 
pub  and came visible to other computers on my LAN.

So now i thought that all i have to do is to put on my BSDBOX 
natd.conf    to redirect  all requests from 23 and 81 to  right? and allow of course ports from Firewall  (My software 
with the SLIP has entrance via HTTP and TELNET)

Well nobody can´t still connect to my Linux software from outside?    From 
my LAN it´works ok.

I tried also  adding  allow ip from any to via ep0   and that 
worked for a while (now anybody from outside can connect to  my 
software)   It works only for couple hours and the no response?   I´cant 
understand how the allow ip from any to can help.

Well if anyone has understood what i´m trying to do here and wants to send 
couple hints i would be glad.  :-)

Thanks for your reply.

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