Trouble accessing da-devices on Supermicro X6DH8-G2

Patrick van Iersel pviersel at
Wed Aug 24 07:40:45 GMT 2005

Hi guys (and girls?),

I have an interesting yet frustating problem trying to get FreeBSD to
access a logical drive/lun's on a raid array.
Let me describe the system first.
The server has a Supermicro X6DH8-G2 mainboard. This thing has an
on-board Adaptec AIC-7902 controller (ahd) which we are not using.
Other cards installed, on a riser, are a LSILogic MegaRAID SCSI 320-1
and a Qlogic 2300 fibre channel adapter. The Qlogic has a raid array
attached which shows up during post and syncs nicely at 2 Gb.

The logical volumes created with the Megaraid can be accessed just fine,
even though they don't show up with camcontrol.
The lun's on the raid array simply don't show up anywhere. However when I
go into the QL menu upon boot I can 'see' the lun's so that indicates
there is no problem with the hardware and/or link.
I've tried everything from changing irq's (didn't work, the two mentioned
cards keep sharing the same no matter what I do with device.hints etc.),
different FreeBSD versions, to taking the Megaraid out of the system.
No dice.
I cannot help but think there is something about this mainboard that messes
up the CAM subsystem (the volumes on the Lsilogic show up as amrd* so I
guess that thing does it's own magic and doesn't need CAM?).
I don't mind if FreeBSD cannot work with this combination of hardware but
I'd like to be sure that that's the problem.
Any pointers/suggestions are welcome :)

Do let me know what additional info could be useful here. For now I've put
up dmesg and pciconf output here: .

The system is currently running 5.4 STABLE/amd64 with a generic kernel. The
only change in the kernel is that I've taken out the ahd driver.

Please cc me if you reply (I use the digest version of the mailinglist).



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