identd and pf question

Matt Rechkemmer tiberius at
Wed Aug 24 04:31:29 GMT 2005

Hello all,

I'm currently working with a FreeBSD 5.4 system running pf and ident2.  When
my users attempt to connect to an IRC network, and ident is requested my ident
daemon never replies.  I see the inbound packets with tcpdump, but never
anything out.

After banging my head for awhile, and trying other daemons (oidentd, pidentd),
I tried disabling pf with pfctl -d.  Voila, clients can connect.  I re-enabled
pf with pfctl -e and things are broken again.

I see *nothing* in pflog0.  I have no block out rules, so I'm confused as to
why this is happening.  An odd little addendum is when I telnet to one of my
IPs on 113 and do an ident request, it responds!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Matt Rechkemmer
tiberius at

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