DVD image making utility, equivalent to mkisofs

Sherman, Michael (GE Energy) michael.sherman at og.ge.com
Tue Aug 23 14:28:44 GMT 2005

Good day all!

I've been trying to get mkisofs to create a DVD image for me on my FreeBSD (5.3) machine, in order to be able to burn it on Nero (Windows 2000). The utility does create an ISO image rather quickly, however when I open it with Nero, the program refuses to recognize it as a DVD image, despite the size being way over 700 MB. Here's script snipped I am using to do it.

if mkisofs -V $1 -o ~/backup/$1.iso -R -J ~/mydata
    echo "$1.iso was created successfully at " `date`
    echo "mkisofs failed to create an ISO image!"

Does anyone know whether there is a way to force mkisofs to create a DVD image or a different utility. Any input would be appreciated.

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