Slow Install CD

scott scott at
Tue Aug 23 03:24:18 GMT 2005

You are reading from your cd drive on the bootonly disc, whereas xp is 
installed on your HD.

Karol Krizka wrote:

>I managed to come accross this old Compaq Proliant server and wanted
>to try it out for a personal webserver. Since I wanted to try out BSD,
>I decided to go with it as the operating system. My choice distro (or
>what do you call it?) was FreeBSD because I use Gentoo Linux and it's
>package system is a rip-off of FreeBSD's ports. I figured that would
>be the easiest transition.
>Now, I am not totally sure which model the server is, but I know that
>it has a 200Mhz cpu and 128 MB of RAM. Suprisingly after I booted it
>up (after several tries) I saw the WinXP bootlogo and soon was at the
>login screen. If it can run that, it can run almost anything! So I put
>the bootonly bsd cd that I downloaded a couple of days ago and got it
>to boot. That went well, exept there is a bit of a problem. The input
>is veeery slow. I press a down arrow and have to wait a minute for it
>to happen. There was no lag in the installed XP, so what might have
>brough about it in BSD?

Those who admire the massive, rigid bone structures of dinosaurs should 
remember that jellyfish still enjoy their very secure ecological niche.

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