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Tue Aug 23 01:03:51 GMT 2005

Am Dienstag, 23. August 2005 02:51 CEST schrieb Eric Murphy:
> Hey guys...
> Ive setup a NFS correctly (I think) on my BSD 5.4 box
> Added
> nfs_enable_enable="yes"
> rpcbind_enable="yes"
> portmap_enable="yes"
> in my rc.conf
> and its seems to be working...
> My question is this..
> I can mount the shares without anyproblems as root...
> I CAN NOT mount them as a user...
> Now I added my UID (1001) to my SERVER's exports file with -maproot=1001
> Am i understaning this correctly that by adding that line in the config
> it gives me read/write access to the files on the SERVER? that does NOT
> allow me to mount the File system..?
> My user is able to read/wirite to the files with no problems..
> sorry if thats alittle confuseing...

Hmm, at first it is... 
You cannot mount filesystems (even not NFSs) as regular user. Well, you 
can, but you have to be the owner of the mountpoint directory and have set 
(as superuser or during startup (/etc/sysctl.conf)) the sysctl 
vfs.usermount to 1.
The '-maproot=SOMEID' is for the NFS server which tells him to what userid 
incoming ID=0 requests will be mapped. Usually you don't want to let 
everybody who identifies him as ID=0 erase your root file system! So User 
ID=0 is invalid in NFS until you map it to any other (or the same) ID!

Hope this helps,


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