Freebsd 6.0 Release Time

Kövesdán Gábor gabor.kovesdan at
Mon Aug 22 21:39:36 GMT 2005

Emanuel Strobl wrote:

>What's TBA?
>But I'd like to advise Pablo to go with 6.0-RC, or even with BETA3 if 
>neccessarry, tracking a stable or RELEASE branch in FreeBSD is very easy 
>and worth the building mechanisms, especially if you have 10 similar 
>machines to maintain. You have a very convenient way to keep security 
>risks minimalised and in almost any environment you'll benefit from the 
>RELENG_6 performance and hardware enhancements.
That's TBD (= to be decided), not TBA. Jerry mispelled it. I would also 
use BETA3 or RC. It is very
easy to upgrade same machines. One can build an install disc on one of 
the machines and upgrade via
sysinstall with that disc. There's no need to do a 'make buildworld' on 
each machine.


Gabor Kovesdan

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