OT: Supermicro IPMI 2.0 boards

dpk dpk at dpk.net
Mon Aug 22 20:41:02 GMT 2005

I wasn't able to find anything about this on Google unfortunately. Hoping
that if this thread can determine the problem, others will be able to find

We ordered a whole batch of servers which have the IPMI 2.0 board (I am
pretty sure). When they first come online they seem to have the MAC
00:30:48:12:34:56 . Then at some point they take on the real NICs MAC

The problem is that some of them aren't, and the IPMI 2.0 boards do not
seem to be supported/working under FreeBSD yet. The older versions of the
board did work previously, using the 'freeipmi' port. On these servers the
tools just hang indefinitely.

The situation is getting more serious as it may be causing spanning tree
problems. We're getting warnings from our switches every 15 seconds about
00:30:48:12:34:56 being swapped from port to port and switch to switch.
While on the servers themselves, I'm seeing a steady stream of:

13:37:37.023915 arp who-has tell
13:37:37.119740 arp who-has tell
13:37:37.213317 arp who-has tell
13:37:37.271162 arp who-has tell
13:37:37.522533 arp who-has tell
13:37:37.720931 arp who-has tell

If I bring up that IP on one of the servers, dmesg fills up with entries
about other servers claiming the IP for their own. Most of the entries
have the real MAC address, and some of them have the 12:34:56 entry:

arp: 00:30:48:83:0b:4a is using my IP address!
arp: 00:30:48:83:0c:38 is using my IP address!
arp: 00:30:48:83:0b:e2 is using my IP address!
arp: 00:30:48:12:34:56 is using my IP address!
arp: 00:30:48:83:aa:84 is using my IP address!
arp: 00:30:48:83:0c:04 is using my IP address!
arp: 00:30:48:83:0c:06 is using my IP address!

FWIW, we don't use the 192.168.1 block anywhere on our network, so none of
us know why it picked that particular IP address.

I realize this is totally off-topic but I'm hoping others have been using
these servers and may know a solution to the problem. If this message is
totally inappropriate please feel free to reply off-list. In that case I'd
collect the replies and post the solution somewhere (giving credit

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