network interface card nonresposive

joda pain jodapain at
Mon Aug 22 17:59:42 GMT 2005

During the install Of FreeBSD 5.4 you come to the configuration of
your NICs (I have 2 in my tower). I configured them with the basics
(Ip, gteway, domain, exe...). I DID NOT install nfs server or client,
dhcp,routing, or remote access.
Onec the install was compleate I compiled firefox and the X terminal.
If I log in as my user or as root, the browser dosn't connect. It
seems that I have no conectivity at all to the internet or my network.
Yes I set the cards to active, and yes there are ethernet cables
attached. I have tested the cards and cables on a Windows os and
everything works fine.
What am I missing??? Is it permissions? Mabey further configuration?
I'm going to try to set IP dynamicly but doubt I going to get results.
I've been trying for 3 days and the fustration sent me askin
questions. Please sombody give me some hints.

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