disk management

Dick Hoogendijk dick at nagual.st
Mon Aug 22 17:16:32 GMT 2005

I have a 250G disk. First partition is WinXp; second is a FAT32 part
and the third is FreeBSD-5.4

When I run Powerquest Partition Manager it comes up with an "error 116"
about a dismatch of CHS/LBA setting on the disk and proposes to set
things right. Yeah right...

The first time I let it do so and was not able to boot FreeBSD anymore.
Have no idea why, but it happened. So I reinstalled and now all's runnig
fine, except that I want to get rid of WinXP.

But I'm a little afraid to ruin my fbsd pastition again.

So let me ask you:

If I delete the XP partition (i.e. with the fbsd fdisk progam) and write
the partition table back to disk, will this ruin my third fbsd part?

If not can I safely install Win98 (which is LBA) on the first part and
afterwards put my bootsector back (I know how to do that in 5.4)

The scary part is that there seems to be a misunderstanding of my disk
by Microsoft programs (using a LBA disk setting) and my FreeBSD (using
CHS settings). I can only put ONE option on in the bios though ;-)

Maybe it's better to use non-LBA (*nix) in the bios? Or will that
disturb futere win isntallations? Waahhhhhhh, why are things so
complicated.. And yes, I DO need a Microsoft part. It's for gaming.. But
XP does not suit me well, so I want to go back to 98se SP2 for the time

Again I want my FreeBSD slice to be safe!

Any advice on how to handle my harddisk. Recommended utilities other
than fdisk or what?

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