top -I and load average from 4.9 into 5.4

Mario Hoerich spambox at
Mon Aug 22 14:21:19 GMT 2005

# pobox at
> We upgraded from 4.9 to 5.4 and the 'top -I' and load average seem to 
> behave slightly different. 'top -I' in 5.4 stays empty most of the time 
> with processes flashing in and out from time to time. 

Well, I'd actually expect them to, as -I filters out any idle 
process.  Justed tested on my 6.0B2, major CPU hogs are shown
as expected.

> In 4.9 the processes stayed there until they are done.

Where's the difference to top [-i], then?

I don't really know enough about how load and utilization
are calculated.  I'd guess load is calculated by the scheduler,
based on the number of processes whining for more/larger time
slices, whereas utilization is guessimated elsewhere, probably
something like process CPU time / available CPU time.  

I'm none too sure there's an actual correlation between these
values, let alone load 1 = utilization 100%.


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