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Mon Aug 22 10:08:13 GMT 2005


I have a question regarding support in FreeBSD on-board SCSI LSI 53c1030 

In the FreeBSD/i386 4.11 Release Hardware Notes I found the only one string:

LSI Logic Fusion/MP architecture Fiber Channel controllers (mpt driver)


      LSI FC909, FC929


      LSI 53c1020, 53c1030

but in the official LSI Logic  web-site I found next:

LSI53C1030 PCI-X to Dual-Channel Ultra320 SCSI Controller

Possible mistake?

Its not Fiber Channels Controler!

Please help, its very important for us!!!

Or may be You have official confirmation regarding support FreeBSD 4.11 
on servers Dell PowerEdge 2850 in SCSI mode?

Please give us official confirmation (or disclaimer) regarding support 
LSI53C1030 in FreeBSD 4.11.

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