finding aaccli from Adaptec

D. Goss lists at
Mon Aug 22 03:50:13 GMT 2005

I'm following some directions found in the archives in order to get  
the Linux version (that is apparently more current than the FreeBSD  
one) of aaccli installed to manage an Adaptec RAID card under FreeBSD  
5.4 (using Linux compatibility).

I thought I found the correct rpm from the Linux section of the  
Adaptec downloads for the card (it is an ASR-2230SLP).  The rpm I  
have is "Adaptec Storage Manager for Linux" under RH3.  I must be  
grabbing the wrong one because when I use rpm2cpio and cpio to  
extract the rpm, I am only getting a utility called StorMan.  Nowhere  
in this rpm can I locate aaccli that should be there (if I had the  
right download).

Can someone who may be using this point me where to get a current  
version of the rpm that contains aaccli?


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