mail not being delivered

Joe Wood dot.sn1tch at
Sun Aug 21 21:38:03 GMT 2005

The message has since been deleted and I cannot give an exact message, but
it says the message has been queued for X days and will be deleted. The
messages then goes on to show the email that was waiting to be delivered and
it is what appears to be the security logs, and among the others are various
cron jobs that failed delivery as well. I am not sure if this would affect
it but about a week ago (the same time this started) we were doing some
reconfigurations on the network and the 3600 series router this machine was
on. There was about 2 hours of down time and my mailbox was flooded with
cron jobs not working (which I expected since they are internet related
jobs) after that all email just stopped.

Sorry for the lack of information


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At 01:56 PM 8/21/2005, Joe Wood wrote:
>I am running fbsd 5.4, this server has been up for about 70 days and just
>recently (maybe within the last 4 days) I have not been receiving the usual
>security and daily summery reports, but every 2 or 3 days I will get the
>message undeliverable email. Is there any reason why I would not be able to
>get these anymore?

What does the "undeliverable" message say?  If you're not sure how to 
interpret it, someone on the list probably can.  Without that 
information, all anyone can do is guess what the problem might be.


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