Subject: "dk-milter" installation

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Sun Aug 21 20:27:14 GMT 2005

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> Subject: "dk-milter" installation
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> I was wondering if anyone has installed the 'dk-milter-0.3.0_1' port. I
> installed it, but I could not get it to run. I received several error
> messages at boot-up, even after enabling the files in
> '/usr/local/etc/rc.d', which by the way there was no documentation for.
> In fact, I was unable to find any documentation for this port on FreeBSD.
> If I could locate some decent documentation, perhaps I could get it
> running correctly.
> I am running FreeBSD 5.4 with Sendmail.
> -- 
> Gerard E. Seibert
> gerard-seibert at

Hi Gerard,

edit your /etc/mail/ file and add this to it, workes for me under Sendmail-8.13_1

Xdk-filter, S=inet:8891 at localhost

then rebuild your sendmail.... make... make install.... make restart
have a look under:
it's a very detailed description
it will say to add this to the .mc file, but it will not work with out reporting errors.
INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`dk-filter', `S=inet:8891 at localhost')

Xdk-filter, S=inet:8891 at localhost
to avoid errors at boot time.

I got the domainkey build, but still strugle to auto sign.

Hanno Krusken

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