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Sun Aug 21 16:12:05 GMT 2005

Andrew Waranowski sat at his 'puter and typed on 8/21/2005 21:31:

>Hey, I have the same problem over here, except that I can recreate the problem well easily and predictably.  I don't know a whole lot about computers but this is very weird.  Here's what happened:
>I have a website that I'm working on in PHP.  I have a few pages that have text and image content and when I go to them, they either load completely or partially.  If it's only partially loaded, I can refresh the page a few times and then it will show the whole contents of the PHP file it's displaying.  At first I thought it had something to do with server caching, but then I found that when the web browser displays the whole page, I can refresh it a few times and it will display only a portion of the page; it cuts off right in the middle of some text.  Weird!  And I've looked at the HTML very carefully - everything is as it should be.  The browser cuts off at a seemingly arbitrary place in the HTML and does not even include the file I included.  Very very strange.  Let me know if you get any kind of insight about the problem.  Thanks
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If it is not a private page, can we have a look at it?


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