FreeBSD and projects for kids

Heiko Grill Heiko.Grill at
Sun Aug 21 11:54:53 GMT 2005

Am Freitag, 19. August 2005 03:12 schrieb Gayn Winters:
> I'm building a PC with my 10 year old niece.  Actually we are building
> several PC's out of junk parts that we have laying around the office.
> We are trying various OS's, including FreeBSD, on them. We are trying to
> get various devices to work: printers, scanners, sound cards,
> microphones, video boards, etc.  We're having fun (so far, at least.)
> She's learning a lot.
> I've been looking around for a web site (or two) for young girls
> interested in computers.  I came across (and its defunct
> special interest group BSDchix.)  It has plenty of female role models,
> but, like FreeBSD-questions, it is a little too advanced for my niece.
> Googling a bit hasn't hit any gold mines for her. But see below.
> Thus my questions:  any ideas for very elementary reading on computers
> for a 10 year old?  Any ideas for an appropriate web site for her?
> Anyone tried PicoBSD as an example of a "small OS"?    Can anyone advise
> me as to how much of FreeBSD I need to load before there are interesting
> games for 10 year olds in the games ports?   Other advice/ideas?
Take a look at
it's in the ports.



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