Security warning with sshd

Remko Lodder remko at
Sun Aug 21 09:34:42 GMT 2005

Pat Maddox wrote:
> In my recent security email, I got the following errors:
> login failures:
> Aug 20 02:37:19 cantona sshd[9444]: fatal: Write failed: Operation not permitted
> Aug 20 04:30:42 cantona sshd[16142]: fatal: Write failed: Operation
> not permitted
> Aug 20 21:21:51 cantona sshd[45716]: fatal: Write failed: Operation
> not permitted
> So three questions: What is it?  Should I be worried?  How can I fix it?
> Thanks,
> Pat

A couple of messages that i read when searching through google
appear to indicate that it might rely on your firewall, bad
packets that are not in state anymore and such and then gets
blocked by your firewall.

Could you provide some more details of events happening around
the same time of the messages you posted here? Perhaps something
else precedes the message which gives more information on what
might have happened...

Url with some information:
(and related messages)


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