What's the best way to set up an ASCII and HTML maillist list?

Danny MacMillan flowers at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Aug 21 06:13:52 GMT 2005

Gary Kline wrote:

>	oUtstanding!  Thanks, you've cleared up a lot other
>	questions.  I do have the mailman port working for my
>	library/writing group, but MIME (ick), blackbox.
>	Just one more thing, David, that you may know of--
>	if not, then somebody else on the list.   Can I
>	include a small graphic ("IMG SRC="sartre.jpg")
>	in the html mail?  When people email photos I have 
>	to quit mutt, bring up evolution and then click on
>	some display icon.  What I'd like to do is have the
>	icon "just-appear" at top or bottom of message.
>	No mouse-clickng required.  If the user//receient
>	has to click to see my icon/picture/graphic, I'll
>	drop it :)
>	gary
That's MIME, too.  multipart/related.  Send yourself an email that looks 
like what you want from a client that supports this functionality 
(Outlook, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird all work for this, probably 
others, too) and look at the message source on the target system to see 
how it works.

Danny MacMillan

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