searching ports doesn work

Marcel Lautenbach jeansen at
Sun Aug 21 02:34:04 GMT 2005

Hi folks,

well, I have just installed freebsd 4.11 . Then, I read through the
freebsd handbook.

the siete above explains how to search for ports. So, I went to
/usr/ports and did make search lsof

I get a notcie that says something of generating INDEX, please

And I waited, and well. After 3 cups of coffee I
had 2 problems. First, I was toxicated with coffee *G* and my little
bsd still said:...Pleas wait.

running top showed me that the shell running make was waiting
...............but waiting for what?

Well, I then kille the process and tried again, without any luck.

Can anyone help me with this issue? I would like to know, why this
does not work or what I maybe did wrong.

Thank you
Marcel Lautenbach
mailto:jeansen at

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