FreeBSD and projects for kids

Gary W. Swearingen garys at
Sat Aug 20 22:53:53 GMT 2005

"Gayn Winters" <gayn.winters at> writes:

> Anyone tried PicoBSD as an example of a "small OS"?

PicoBSD is almost certainly not what you're looking for.
All of the useful PicoBSD documentation is pretty-much in the manpage
and in a few files under /usr/src/release/picobsd/; it's just a
way of building a FreeBSD OS that is stripped way down.

> Can anyone advise me as to how much of FreeBSD I need to load before
> there are interesting games for 10 year olds in the games ports?

With X and the lang/python port, the games/pysol port has a many
dozens of solitare card games that I would have liked at 10, but it
might not do much for today's kids.  And games/scrabble is about the
only other one I've tried except xboing which would be fun but no
longer works for me.  games/xbill could be considered educational, I
suppose. :)

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