What's the best way to set up an ASCII and HTML maillist list?

Glenn Dawson glenn at antimatter.net
Sat Aug 20 20:47:57 GMT 2005

At 01:08 PM 8/20/2005, Gary Kline wrote:

>         People,
>         Can any one on-list clue me in on what kind of file(s)
>         to create that will let me mail one file a day (or week)
>         in both ASCII and HTML to people who subscribe to my
>         list from my website.
>         I can certainly cobble together the cgi/perl or php
>         code that gets a person's email; I might as well use
>         majordomo or mailman, for the list management.  But
>         what then?
>         Specifically, I want to mail out a brief, neatly formatted
>         file that might be (in html).  E.g:
>         <CENTER> Existence precedes essense
>         <P ALIGN="right"> -- J-P. Sartre
>         </CENTER>
>         I would like to include a small graphic at the bottom of
>         my html file.  Maybe this is overkill.  At any rate, the
>         file would have to be readable by non-GUI mail programs
>         as well.  (Like mutt/elm/Mail).
>         I created test files and read them with evolution and
>         mutt.  nO luck.  The tests were fully html-complient,
>         but showed up in raw/source mode...  so it's time to
>         ask the experts.
>         [[ I did google around but didn't find anything that
>            looked like what I want.  So any help will be greatly
>            appreciated!
>         ]]
>         thanks for help or pointers to help, &c.,

You could MIME encode it.  Make the first part text/plain and the 
second part text/html.


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