IMAP Server suggestions

David Kelly dkelly at
Sat Aug 20 13:00:56 GMT 2005

On Aug 20, 2005, at 6:15 AM, Pat Maddox wrote:

> I run courier-imap, works really well for me.

I'm reading this thread because courier-imap works but I'm less than  
happy with maillog being flooded with:

Aug 20 07:41:12 Grumpy imapd: Failed to create cache file:  
maildirwatch (dkelly)
Aug 20 07:41:12 Grumpy imapd: Error: Input/output error
Aug 20 07:41:12 Grumpy imapd: Check for proper operation and  
Aug 20 07:41:12 Grumpy imapd: of the File Access Monitor daemon (famd).

Also MacOS X often has connection problems. Suspect that  
problem has something to do with mutt modifying my Maildir between connections as once has a good connection it stays  
good. OTOH procmail delivers to my Maildir INBOX which isn't much  
different than what I do with mutt.

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