FXP driver....

Arjan van der Oest Arjan.van.der.Oest at is.nl
Fri Aug 19 21:33:08 GMT 2005

>I haven't used the fxp driver in a while but you can check out the man page
>for the driver (man 4 fxp) and it mentions that you can disable autoselect
>for media type and speed. I remember reading in an article (I can't locate
>the URL) that the autonegotiation between the NIC and switch/router can be a
>bottleneck. That would be the easiset thing to check/eliminate. Hope that

For both the xl and fxp driver "(if not, for all?) this would be "media
100basetx mediaopt full-duplex" and this is standard practise for me :)
It doesn't make any difference, neither on the 3com or the intel card :(

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