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Danny MacMillan flowers at
Fri Aug 19 19:17:23 GMT 2005

Aaron Siegel wrote:

>This message is off topic but I was not sure were else I can go to get help 
>with my problem.  For the past week I have been receiving messages from 
>various mail servers which have bounced messages I have not sent but have my 
>email address as the originator of the bounced message. I believe there are 
>some SPAMers using my email address on their SPAM. I would really like to 
>avoid changing my domain name.  Has anyone experienced this problem? Is there 
>something I can do?  
>Thank you 
What you can do to partially combat this problem is publish SPF records 
for your domain.  That will cause spam filters on cooperating mail 
servers to drop email claiming to be from you that comes from anywhere 
but one of your mail servers.  Since the messages will be dropped, they 
won't generate notices of non-delivery.  I guess this assumes that the 
mail servers that generate the non-delivery notices check SPF records on 
inbound mail, which on reflection doesn't seem too likely, but it might 
help a little.  If this kind of problem bothers you you can also 
configure your own mail server to check SPF records on inbound mail.  
This won't directly address your problem but it does reduce the 
effectiveness of joe-jobbing as more and more people do it.

Danny MacMillan

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