help with pppoed

vladone vladone at
Fri Aug 19 18:07:17 GMT 2005

I want to setup an freebsd server that support authentication via pppoe
conexion. I make this steps:
  1.I have compiled kernel with needed options
  2. i modify rc.conf to include this:
     pppoed_flags="-d -P /var/run/ -l "default" "
  3. pppoed daemon start without any problem
     #ps aux|grep pppoed
     usr/libexec/pppoed -d -P /var/run/ -l default fxp0

     fxp0 is private interface with ip address
  4. i configure /etc/ppp.conf with this options:
             set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command
             enable pap
             allow mode direct
             enable proxy
             disable ipv6cp
             set mru 1472
             set mtu 1472
             accept dns
             enable dns
             set ifaddr
  5. i have configured /etc/ppp.secret with some test user and pass.
  6. i make an pppoe connection on my windows box with wizard

  When i try to connect on my server, after few second i receive this
  error on windows:
  "the remote computer did not respond"

  I dont have experience with this. In ppp.log i dont see anything.
  How i cand debug this to work!
  P.S. in /dev i dont see any device tun or ppp

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