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Andrew L. Gould algould at
Fri Aug 19 16:34:18 GMT 2005

On Fri, 19 Aug 2005 09:15:08 -0700
"Mick Wilcoxen" <wwilcoxen at> wrote:

> Hi Andrew,
> Found it. But the command is different from the command that
> The person who created the database gave. Should I change it to mach
> his command 
> The command there is 
> Start)
> 	/sbin/idcongif -m /usr/local/lib/mysql
> 	;;
> Stop)
> 	;;
> *)
> 	echo ""
> 	echo " Usage: 'basename $0' {start | stop} "
> 	echo ""
> 	exit 64
> 	;;
> Esac
> He is telling me to put this command in the startup
> /usr/local/mysql/bin/safe_mysqld &.
> Run this with the period at the end.put it in your start up script.
> The database program.(the first of many  I have written) is based on
> PHP/Mysql
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> Mick Wilcoxen
> (530)933-2882

The script you found does not start MySQL.  It just ensures that the
operating system can find the MySQL libraries.

The command you mention above starts MySQL; and can be added to the
"Start" section of the script. I've never put a period after the
ampersand; so I don't know what that will do.  (I switched from MySQL
to PostgreSQL over 5 years ago.)

The reason it would be good to find the script that is installed by the
port is that it probably has a "stop" section for shutting down MySQL
cleanly and removing the pid file when the operating system is being

Good luck,

Andrew Gould

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