mount_udf: Invalid root file entry!

Björn König bkoenig at
Fri Aug 19 14:44:13 GMT 2005


I created an UDF filesystem with newfs_udf of udfclient[1] and I wrote 
some files with udfclient successfully to a DVD-RAM. I was also able to 
read the data with this program. Now I like to mount this file system 
read-only with mount_udf of FreeBSD:

   # mount_udf -o ro /dev/cd0 /mnt
   mount_udf: /dev/cd0: Invalid argument

   # tail -n1 /var/log/messages
   Aug 19 16:31:24 hoppel kernel: Invalid root file entry!

It doesn't work this way. Does anyone have a hint for me?



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