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Fri Aug 19 07:00:37 GMT 2005

On 8/19/05, nawcom <nawcom at nawcom.no-ip.com> wrote:
> Now im your basic programmer, so the only thing i can relate fd_set to
> are the file descriptors (bit array i think) which are declared in the
> select function. select is used for basic input/output channel control.
> So by saying that -
> 1) perhaps the file that is being built is missing the sys header file,
> sys/types.h (if im wrong somebody correct me). I have ended up fixing
> #include and #define typos in programs due to an unsuccessful build
> which seems to be common, so maybe this may be your case also.
> 2) there might be something wrong with the header file itself, like
> fd_set not being declared.
> oh well - like i said -im your basic c/kernel  coder, but this is what i
> would check out if i was thrown into your shoes.


Checkout src/sys/sys/select.h

The fd_set structure is defined on line 71

typedef struct fd_set 
    __fd_mask   __fds_bits[_howmany(FD_SETSIZE, _NFDBITS)];
} fd_set;


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