comtrol rocketport 16 PCI

Jim Pazarena fquest at
Fri Aug 19 00:13:06 GMT 2005

the 5.4 kernel appears to support rocketport simply by including
"device rp" in the kernel compile, after which devices like:


 get created.

would someone please advise the purpose of the "iR" & "lR" devices?

also, comtrol has some kind of support for the 5 kernel on their
ftp site; with a few instructions on how to remove some existing
files, add some of theirs, and re-compile the kernel.
their instructions suggest that ports are: /dev/ttyC* and /dev/cuaC*

when following _their_ instructions, a fresh kernel compile crashes.
I see someone posted a question WRT the compile crash back in 1/24/05.
there were no responses.

I would like to confirm that the existing FreeBSD settings for rocketport
support do indeed work, and that it isn't necessary to go thru comtrol's
compilation routine.



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