bootparamd doesn't allow parameters?

Brian J. McGovern mcgovern at
Thu Aug 18 22:07:40 GMT 2005

	I'm in the process of trying to set up a Solaris jumpstart server in
a lab, and I decided for chuckles to do it with FreeBSD.

	The problem I'm running in to is that apparently, the Sun bootparamd
allows you to pass parameters as fields, for instance, as a couple of sample
fields out of the Solaris-generated /etc/bootparams (note: entry is clearly
not complete, but I didn't want to distract)....

	testserver	rootopts=:rsize=32768 term=:vt100

	However, if I move this directly in to FreeBSD's /etc/bootparams, it
will complain that it can not answer the request for "rootopts" from the Sun

	Is there something I'm missing? the man page seems to allude to the
fact that all entries should be in the format of <host>:</path/to/file>. Or, am
I going to have to look at finding another bootparamd than the stock one?


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