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Beecher Rintoul akbeech at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 18:09:19 GMT 2005

On Thursday 18 August 2005 09:38 am, Pablo Allietti wrote:
> Hi all  i have a question.
> i configure a Intel 2200 wireless card and the system detect ok and load
> in the start time.
> so. now i need to add wep Key and DHCP.
> is that possible to do in automatically.
> because rigth now i cant do dhcp and need to do a ifconfig blablabla
> wepkey xxxxxx wepmode 0 any time when i restart my laptop.

In your /etc/rc.conf put:


Add the following file to /etc:    start_if.wi0

Add your ifconfig settings to that file:

ifconfig wi0 ssid whatever wepkey xxxxxx wepmode 0

Of course change wi0 to whatever driver your card uses. This worked for me and 
should work when you reboot.


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