wireless DHCP + wep

Bob Johnson fbsdlists at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 18:00:16 GMT 2005

On 8/18/05, Pablo Allietti <pablo at lacnic.net> wrote:
> Hi all  i have a question.
> i configure a Intel 2200 wireless card and the system detect ok and load
> in the start time.
> so. now i need to add wep Key and DHCP.
> is that possible to do in automatically.
> because rigth now i cant do dhcp and need to do a ifconfig blablabla
> wepkey xxxxxx wepmode 0 any time when i restart my laptop.

Read the dhclient.conf man pages.  I think you use the "media"
statement to do it, which lets you list alternate interface
configurations that DHCP should attempt to use until it finds one that
successfully communicates with a DHCP server.  I don't remember the
details, but it has come up before, so you might be able to find an
example by searching the mailing list archives.  Maybe even in the

The ifconfig_xxx statements in rc.conf are just the arguments that get
sent to ifconfig, so you can put your wep settings in rc.conf that
way, but at the present time I don't think that method lets you
configure WEP and also use DHCP (I've read rumors that it will in the

- Bob

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