Buildkernel command fails

Hexren me at
Thu Aug 18 17:17:26 GMT 2005

> I have been trying to rebuild a stripped down version of the kernel for
> FreeBSD 5.4.


> The error I get is as follows:


> /usr/src/i386/clock.c: in function 'rtcin'

> /usr/src/i386/clock.c: 424: error: 'IO-RTC' undeclared (first use in this
> function)


> There is no indication as to which device is missing. Does anyone have any
> suggestions?


> Thanks for your help,


> Igor Kasriel

> ikasriel at


imho it would help to see your kernel config.
Can you compile a default kernel with your sources ?
You have not modified you sources and you have the most recent 5.4
sources ?


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