sendmail stalling during boot

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Aug 18 16:06:59 GMT 2005

Simon Morgan wrote:
> When my system boots it freezes for an extremely long time at a certain
> point in the boot process. Hitting CTRL-C at this point I'm informed
> that the loading of sendmail has been cancelled which obviously indicates
> that it's what is responsible.


> Looking into the issue I've seen a number of people experiencing the same
> problem and being told to fix their DNS setup. The machine that sendmail
> is running on has an internet routable IP that resolves to a hostname:
> domain name pointer
> but the hostname I have set is "fake" and resolves to nothing:
> naboo.localdomain

You really, really want to give your machine a real hostname, which is in the 
DNS, reverses properly, and has MX records for the domains it handles mail for 
set up, if you want to run sendmail and do mail correctly.

If you are only relaying mail to another smart host which will do all of your 
relaying for you (commonly your ISP's SMTP server will do so), and you do not 
need sendmail to do DNS lookups, consider FEATURE(nocanonify).


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